Monday motivation

It is Monday, and you know what that means…a little motivation, or, should I say a kick in the pants!Motivation is something that wanes quickly, particularly if you haven’t made regular exercise and following a healthy eating plan a habit before. Changing bad habits, particularly when they are related to unhealthy eating and not enough exercise is very, very hard. So hard that most people throw in the towel at some point or another.  But, that doesn’t have to be you, provided you keep your motivation high. Two great ways to keep those motivational levels up there are first, identifying someone who can help ‘feed’ you more motivation – a mentor of sorts.Or if you are one who already works out well, then you might want to consider helping to motivate someone else. It can be highly rewarding when you are the person who is helping someone else reach their health and fitness goals, especially if at one point you were someone who struggled.  Plan out your workouts for the week and commit to making them happen! This makes you hold yourself accountable and goal oriented! Focus on those goals! I’m not saying it will be easy, I’m saying it will be WORTH IT!


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