Get Tired!

 This should be the end result of every workout. The general rule of thumb is 8-10 reps for size and 12 – 15 reps for lean muscles. Start by swapping out your normal weights for slightly heavier ones, and gradually work your way up. For most women, a typical weight-training session equals light dumbbell exercises. But Muscles Are Sexy! Many women avoid weight lifting because they are afraid of looking too buff and muscular, opting instead for the treadmill or the elliptical machine to burn calories. In truth, weight training converts fat into lean muscle. Lean muscle burns more calories, aiding in weight loss. If you’re worried you’ll bulk up with any of these exercises, consider your body type. Women generally fall into two categories: those who build muscle easily, and those who don’t. If you build muscle easily, emphasize high-intensity exercises. If you develop muscle slowly, you’ll benefit from spending more time on heavy lifting. Remember the 8-10 rule for size and 12-15 reps for lean muscles. A fact that women should be aware of is that they don’t have the same amount of testosterone in their body as men do. Because of this, they aren’t going to develop near the degree of muscle mass as a man would or growing nearly as rapidly. While an average man might be able to build one or two pounds of lean body weight a month, a female will build half that amount. As long as you keep your calorie intake in a normal range you’ll be able to maintain a finely tuned body without the mass.


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