Trail Run

Tired of the gym? Take your workout to the wild side! Trail running allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer while simultaneously getting an excellent workout. Transition your treadmill to the great outdoors! Rrunning on a trail is more entertaining and it can also deliver a more intense workout!  It typically provides a greater challenge to your balance centers and stabilization muscles as you work to climb the trails and control your descents. Furthermore, running on a straight road does little for your senses, while trail running tends to keep you focused on the obstacles, keeping your body and mind guessing.The best way to train for balance is to train on unstable surfaces. Trail running makes demands on a wider range of muscles than road running, without the repetition injuries of pounding pavement. Ankles, hips, inner and outer thighs and core muscles are engaged for balance. Trails more fully engage the quads, increasing leg strength. Taking on ascents and descents builds stamina, and difficult climbs sharpen mental focusBecome familiar with the trails by hiking or walking them first. Be prepared for obsticals and wet areas. View the trail like a chessboard. Plan your steps around bumps, dips, soft sand and fallen trees yards before you reach them.  Also, plan safely, and let someone know where you will be running or run with a buddy! Just getting out in a quiet scenic environment can boost your mood and make you feel like a kid again!


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