Benefits of strength training for runners/cyclists

Whether you’re new to running or cycling or  you’ve been running/biking for years, you can benefit from strength-training. Most runners and cyclists are hesitant to strength-train because they think it will make them bulky and slower. But strength-training is extremely beneficial for runners and cyclists.  For instance,i f you’ve ever had a long run or race when your form fell apart as you get fatigued towards the end, you’ll definitely benefit from strength-training. Strengthening your core can help improve and maintain your running form, which translates into greater running efficiency. You will also burn more calories. Adding more muscle will increase your metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories at rest and during workouts.  Strength training helps your body better deal with the stresses of running and biking.  Your muscles will be able to perform longer before getting fatigued, which will help you maintain your proper running form and maintain that position on the bike. Improving your form and endurance also translates into faster overall pace, so strength training is an excellent way to get faster. Runners usually see improvements in their race times fairly soon after they add strength training to their regimens. All it takes is two or three 15- to 20-minute strength-training sessions a week to build more muscle mass. Research demonstrates that resistance training has a profound effect on the musculoskeltal system, contributing to the maintenance of functional abilities and prevents osteopororis, loss of body mass, lower back pain and other disabilities. Sensible resistance training involves precise controlled movements for each
major muscle group and does not require the use of very heavy resistance. Along
with brief prescriptive steady-state aerobic exercise, resistance training
should be a central component of your exercise program. This week will discuss the myths and the benefits and just how to add strength training to your exercise program!


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