Different strokes!

Young or old, active or aching, just about everyone can buoy their workout by plunging into the pool! But whether you’re swimming laps or pedaling inside an inner tube, there’s more to aquatic fitness than just splashing around. Swimming is just a great overall fitness activity. You’re using all your muscle groups, balancing your body in that environment. Even at the shallow end aquatic exercises can improve balance in older people and help anyone with joint or orthopedic problems to stay fit. Aquatic fitness offers a variety of benefits that include; improved stamina, better respiratory, weight loss and an overall general healthy and wellness feeling. Working out in the water is easy on your joints, as the water essentially  cushions the motion in the few times there is impact. In addition, an aquatic exercise routine can  be done solo or in a large group, such as in water aerobics. Whether a person  works out alone or with others, a great workout will result in increased  endurance, flexibility and muscle tone.  So why not stay cool and get fit at the same time!!


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