4th of July fitness

The 4th of July isn’t a holiday that’s all about fitness. It’s about getting out there and enjoying the weather and celebrating our country’s birth. Not necessarily in that order.

But you can work in some fitness activities.

  • Walk or bike to local fireworks displays instead of driving. You may even be able to get home faster than those who drove. You know how bad the crowds can be.
  • Play outside. Volleyball, swimming, etc. are great 4th of July activities.
  • Think about what you eat. The most popular 4th of July foods aren’t necessarily healthy. Make sure you leave room for some salad or other vegetables. Have some watermelon. Some of the best treats are pretty good for you.

And of course don’t forget to just enjoy yourself. It’s summer, you’re in a great country and you have much to be thankful for.


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