Class Action!

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Written by Kelli for Kellisto Fitness

Recent research in exercise physiology indicates that, in many cases, the positive endorphin effect and increased pain threshold produced by individual workouts can be greatly increased — even doubled — through synchronized, group exercise. So, while some clients’ personal preferences are best served through one-on-one training, others may find that their ability to meet fitness goals is enhanced by training in group fitness and boot camp settings.

Experts report that a sense of cohesion and social bonding plays an important role in the success of group-based workouts and the potential for maximum fitness results, making the role of an experienced trainer essential to promoting the best possible outcome. There can be some downsides. If a group is too big, it can make you feel anonymous. You may not get the direction you need to learn proper form for exercises like push-ups or squats, and that can result in an injury. And if you’re in the back of a big class, it can be easy to slack off. Try telling the instructor that you’re new and declare your goals, and say that you want to stick with the program and a a good instructor should introduce you to people in the class and offer exercises for your skill level and teach proper form for all exercises!


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