After Thanksgiving Blues?

Overindulged on Thanksgiving dinner? Do you wince as you remember that extra piece of pie or that glass of wine you wish you could take back? If you ate more than you wanted to, you are not alone. You can’t  un-eat what you ate, but you can do some damage control and get back on track. You may even  feel sick, have cramps and dizziness, and may not even feel like getting out of bed. Mentally and physically, you are just feeling lousy. The worst side effect of eating too much is the guilt that comes after. Guilt is sometimes inevitable, but you can use that feeling to motivate yourself into something better. Make a plan for the next few days for how you’ll get back on track with your eating and exercise.  GET HYDRATED!  Drink water. The bloating you’re experiencing can be due to an overload of salt, which can cause water retention.Water is essential and helps restore the pH balance of our bodies. Help your body lighten up by eating foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber will aid digestion. Go green! Eating those leafy green and other nutrient rich veggies will get you back on your way, and drinking tea will also promote good digestion! Now get moving! Black Friday can be a great motivator to get out and get moving. Make a plan to not repeat the over indulgent eating at the food court at the mall! Pick a healthier alternative that offers lighter healthier meals which will also keep you feeling better as you work your way through those sales! Truth be told – one meal with a few extra calories won’t completely sabotage your figure. It’s the post Thanksgiving meal, the pre-meal nibbles and going back for seconds that will do more damage. Forgive yourself and commit to getting back on your healthy fitness and eating program! Stay focused on those goals and don’t undo all you have done! 


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