Mid Day Energy Crash?

Feeling like you hit the wall mid day after lunch when you  just feel like you  can not do another thing without falling asleep?  Make that mid afternoon snack protein! Protein keeps your energy up as well as mental alertness. Avoid processed sugary carbohydrates as they only tend to make you crash and burn back into a sloth like state, and you don’t need that extra sugar! Beware of the “energy” drinks for the very same reason! They can tack on those unwanted calories, even from the sugar free varieties! Instead, go for a healthy dose of protein – try a hard boiled egg, celery with peanut butter, (yes peanut butter, excellent choice and peanut butter is shown to be a mood lifter!), low or non fat yogurt. Avoid mindless munching. A snack doesn’t have to be sweet, chocolate-dipped, or more than 150 calories. It should be real food and food that gets your metabolism and mind going!  Packing your own healthy snacks is also a great way to stay accountable and not give into unhealthy temptations.  Get Moving: Another great way to refresh and energize your  sluggish state is to get moving!  Take a five minute break to get up from the desk and get the blood flowing. Talk a short walk and be sure to stretch as well. This will reduce fatigue and refresh the mind!


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    • Yes as opposed to all those sneaky wonderful, sugary, tasty artificially sweetened, fried, processed foods that taste “oh so good” and lie to you through your tastebuds, and pretend to be something it’s not, and lay claim and homestead on your thighs, tummy and backside, and then try the hostile takeover of your heart!

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