So, you find yourself done before you even started that workout? Sometimes you just wuss out. You can FOCUS on your fitness goal and weight loss goals. All you have to do is concentrate on one way of getting to where you want to be and then follow that course until you are successful. We all know NIKE’s famous line “JUST DO IT”, but sometimes, you just don’t know HOW to “just do it”.  I found a great motivational acronym from Donald Trump.. yes, “The Donald” but it works!  FOCUS!

F – Follow

O -One

C -Course

U -Until

S -Successful

So simple!!  You don’t need to waste time starting all the new fitness crazes to see if this one will be the one that you can stick to. This is just setting yourself up to fail.  Too much change and you are never going to stick to anything!  So, when you FOCUS, you can stick with it long enough to see results!  Focus on something simple, like 30 minutes of exercise five days a week  and FOCUS on this until you begin to benefit from it! Seeing results is the BEST way to stay motivated and healthy. Don’t fall into the trap of trying everything at once! There are so many fitness programs out there that are fun and effective, but you if you don’t stay with it long enough to see results, you sabotage those FOCUSED goals!  So, be sure to choose that fitness program that you find fun, challenging and suits YOU and your lifestyle to reach those goals.  Know your goals and FOCUS on you!!  You are what you do repeatedly. Unleash the warrior in you! Don’t wait for the inspiration to come find you. Become it!


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