Happy New Rear!

So, your resolution is to lose a few pounds?  Maybe it’s two. Maybe it’s 20. Maybe it’s way, way more than that. Running is a great way to get you started on that goal. So, how far? As far as you want, as long as you feel great at the end, no fatigue, no abnormal pain, no injuries. For some of you, the distance may be 50 feet. For others the distance may be a mile or more. Pick a pace that is comfortable to you but not so easy you don’t feel like your doing anything. Remember, your goal is to get that new butt so when your body tells you it’s ready for an increase… MOVE it 🙂 Learn to listen to your body. It will tell you when it is tired. It will tell you when it is feeling fine. If, at the end of a walk or run, you’re huffing and puffing or you feel tired or fatigued, you’re doing too much and need to slow your pace or decrease your distance. Keep in mind that walking, jogging, running, swimming, biking, any physical movement in fact, put stress on our bodies. When you are ready keep your increases small, typically 10% or less, and stay at each new level until you feel comfortable with it.   Rest! It takes 48 hours for our bodies to adjust to heavy applications of stress, such as the stress from a heavy session of walking or running. Since a day only has 24 hours, we need to follow a heavy run with a rest period to give us the 48 hours needed for recovery. A rest period  is not necessarily a day without running. You can cross train on those days, which can include swimming, biking, hiking, resistance training, or a fitness class.  So, treadmill vs the great out doors! It all depends on you, what you enjoy, and what you have available. You will stick to what you enjoy, so do what you like, and like what you do! So, if you need that little bit of extra motivation, get a friend to join you! It always helps to have someone to share your goals and the added encouragement, motivation and accountability benefits you both! So, get started on those New Years fitness goals!! Running is easy, and free! So get moving on those goals and run your butt off for a Happy New Rear!


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