Endurance training vs HIT training

Whether you’re a  runner,  cyclist, mountain biker, swimmer, triathlete, or just someone who wants a great body with supreme fitness, it is all about becoming more versatile in your fitness training by doing Cross Training with high intensity interval training instead of endurance training.

Here are the Benefits of doing High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) with Cross Training

  • You’ll save more time and won’t have to workout as long as you have been used to
  • Increase in Cardiovascular Function
  • Have a better physique, decreased body fat, increase in muscle mass
  • Increase In Your Strength, Power and Speed
  • Less chance of injury from over training
  • Variation makes your workouts less boring


There are a number of  reasons and side effects from slow boring low intensity endurance training. This applies to you if you consistently do only one form of training or a combination of things where you don’t do anything at high intensity!!

99% of everything you do will be training. Races and competitions are just roughly 1% of the actual load or cumulative effects on your body. Activities of daily living are the rest!   So, stop doing the long slow and boring low intensity endurance training ALL THE TIME, and mix it up! Depending on the type of energy system you are training for you should have specific intervals you do in your training depending on your sport.

If running makes you feel good just being outside, continue to do it. But don’t just run slow and steady all the time. Do running intervals or biking intervals. Just by upping the intensity you’ll get way more benefit out of running and it will take less time!

Your workout plan should consist of 3 days of exercise each week, for the rest of your life. Choose the best days you can stick to! Each day should either be filled with a cross training workout, an interval training workout, along with your choice of strength exercises and/or body weight training! Pick and choose what you would like to do. Maybe you want to combine kettle bell training with bodyweight workouts. Or combine strong man training with Bosu balance and strength training. Its up to you, its your program. The key though is to mix it up! Starting with those 3 days is easier to commit to and stick with long term.  Keep in mind though, that you should still be somewhat active on your days off but make sure you get plenty of recovery time.  There are many different variables you should always be mixing and changing in your workouts. A workout should never be the same. Don’t commit to any one thing: low reps only, high reps only, long rests, etc.

The real secret for having an effective fitness training plan is taking stuff from a variety of things like gymnastics, powerlifting, interval training or whatever it is and blending them in and making it fun!


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