How to eat for the heat!!

Those dog days of summer.. They can wreak havoc on our bodies. Even the most healthy athlete can experience problems associated with the heat; lack of appetite, dehydration and vitamin loss. Here is just a quick answer to so many questions I’ve ben asked of what to eat during these hot days. High fiber fruit like , apples, oranges and bananas . Oranges provide a lot of hydration and bananas keep you cool also while drinking water eat salted peanuts to help retain the water inside. High fiber fruits and natural juice content to help maintain blood sugar levels, provide some nutrient-rich fluid and be a source of calories!  of small, protein-enriched foods.  Foods high in water content like cucumbers and watermelon are the ideal snack! Plus they are loaded with vitamins and minerals with extremely high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties! And, first AND lastly, WATER!  Hyrdation is the key to the heat!  The importance of water cannot be emphasized enough. It’s calorie free and its benefits out number any other foods! it maintains optimal body temperature, prevents constipation, carries nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells, lubricate joints, and helps to dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make the accessible to the body!  Summer is the best time for all those fruits! So load up and enjoy and beat the heat!

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