Give a Healthier Halloween

ImageWell, Halloween is here. Do you dread this day and fear it ruins all your hard work and side tracks your goals? Stay strong! Here are a few ideas to get you through the dreaded candy derail. Give away snack sizes of sunflower seeds, nuts, or dried fruit! The temptation for all that candy isn’t there and your choice is much healthier for you, and those trick or treaters!!  Or give out stickers, pencils, erasers or other small themed toys. These make great alternatives with no guilt! Now, for those with kids, what do you do when they come home with those bags of candy? Have them select their favorite candy and get rid of the rest!! Getting rid of that temptation ensures mindful eating!  By all means, enjoy the holiday! You can set a good example by not overindulging! Kids do what their parents do. Setting a good healthy example keeps you on track as well as your family! Smart choices make us healthy and strong. Make sure exercise is added into your day. Focus on the fun and know those few pieces of candy aren’t going to make or break you if you exercise regularly and eat healthy!

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