Give the gift of fitness!

Ok we all know fitness gifts can send the wrong message. I mean, who really wants to unwrap a scale? However, knowing your loved ones want to be health conscious, giving healthful gifts can be a breeze. Here are some ideas for those fitness crazed body conscious people on your list, or the ones who are looking to change their habits. Giving fitness clothes can be daunting, but there are so many new high tech fabrics in easy fitting, non-binding COLORFUL fabrics that will  make them  want to put them on and get moving!  New MP3 earbuds, or gift cards to iTunes to spice up the music motivation!  Gift certificates are always a win!. Try one for their favorite sporting goods store. Take the guess out of the sizing and no one will be hurt or offended. Wrap it up in a BPA free water bottle! For the health conscious eater who may not know how to kickstart that healthy eating habit, how about a basket full of natural foods like almond butter, salt free herbs and spices, teas, whole grains and a new cookbook? For those already into it, how about some accessories? Kettlebells, surength bands, yoga mats, towels, heart rate monitors and wrapped in a gym bag! The possibilities are endless!  And, if you have no idea how to get them started and thinking that anything above won’t do, how about a session with a personal trainer? A one on one session with a CPT (certified personal trainer) can keep them motivated and can be rewarding. A trainer can push them harder and motivate when they need it most. You will want to pick a trainer who has a lot of knowledge in the fitness industry and maybe even specializing in certain areas, and sports. The trainer you pick should be able to meet the goals of those receiving the gift and these too, can be tailored to them! Give the gift of you! The gift of your time as a workout partner is a year round gift! Partners often achieve successes not possible by going alone. Best of all, it’s FREE!


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