Training for YOU

Starting a new exercise program can be daunting. Whether you are just starting to work out or training for a specific event or goal, you want to get there the best way possible. This is where a personal trainer can be one of your best investments in your health. You should find a trainer that uses integrated training methods to help their clients reach their individual goals. Exercise should build joint stability, coordination, improve posture and enhance communication between all of the body’s systems. A good trainer can start building this base, especially for those who are overweight, whereas on their own, they are more likely to injure themselves and end up back on the couch. Most weight loss programs are designed across a broad audience. Followers of these programs, regardless of age, ability, or other variables, including diabetes, eat only certain foods and only exercise in a very specific way and while results can come quickly, they usually don’t last.  That’s because we have little in common with the celebrity or ex-athlete they use for those endorsements. AND as most overweight people are already aware, one size NEVER fits all. A good personal trainer will set you up for long term weight loss success. Most people have already tried some best seller diet and moved on and learned the lesson the hard way that a fad diet may get short term results, it is difficult, if not impossible to sustain over time. What is needed is a commitment to making healthier choices that work in real life settings.  Choosing a fitness program or a trainer should be done with YOUR individual goals in mind. Don’t be afraid to shop around! Developing a personal, yet professional relationship with your trainer is very important. Trust your instincts. Ask yourself if you think you could get along well with the trainer and whether you think the trainer is genuinely interested in helping you. The personal trainer you select should motivate you using positive, not negative, reinforcement. Importantly, that trainer should be someone you like. Also, a personal trainer should hold a current NCCA-accredited certification. This will give you the assurance that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to provide you with a safe and effective workout.

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